Surge in University Students Flagged Under Prevent Program for Extremist Ideologies .uk 3

The number of university students flagged under the UK government’s Prevent counter-extremism program has increased by 50% over the past two years, with “mixed, unclear, or unstable” (MUU) ideologies seeing the most significant rise, according to recent figures. Increase in MUU Extremist Ideologies The latest data from the Office for Students, the higher education regulator … Read more

London Schools Implement Smartphone-Free Policy to Improve Student Wellbeing .uk 2

A group of schools in Southwark, London, have decided to go smartphone-free, reflecting growing concerns over the impact of phone-based childhoods. Seventeen of the 20 state secondary schools in the borough have collectively taken action to reduce smartphone use among students, with the remaining three schools working towards implementing the same policy. Addressing the Downsides … Read more

Record Number of State School Pupils in England Receiving Free School Meals .uk 1

A record number of state school pupils in England are receiving free school meals, highlighting significant concerns about child poverty and educational inequality. Official figures also show a sharp rise in the number of students attending special needs schools and increasing teaching vacancies. Surge in Free School Meal Eligibility More than 2 million pupils now … Read more

University Of Bolton’s Proposed Name Change Triggers Legal Feud With Rivals .uk

A legal battle has erupted between universities in northwest England over the University of Bolton’s attempt to rebrand itself as the University of Greater Manchester, despite opposition from neighboring institutions. The Controversy The University of Bolton has applied to the Office for Students (OfS) to be officially registered as the University of Greater Manchester. This … Read more

Exodus If It Wants To Improve Schools, Heads Warn Hundreds Of Millions Head To Polls On Final Day 2024


Hundreds of millions of voters are heading to the polls on Sunday for the European Parliament elections, which are expected to shift the assembly further towards radical and far-right ideologies, potentially reshaping the continent’s future. Voter Turnout Across Major EU Nations Voters from key EU member states, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Poland, are … Read more